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My Daughter, My Dada, Lee, My friends Clo and Nick and my family, Louise L Hay, Prem Raja Baba. And all my live journal and msn friends and people that I pass in the street and meet in my life. Even the little old woman at the bus stop. Life also inspires me. And nature and animals and most of all. I inspire myself.

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When was the last time you thanked yourself? Name your fav one thing thats posertive about you? When was the last time you told yourself you loved yourself or liked yourself? What makes you happy and when was the last time you felt that happiness? When was the last time you smiled or laughe?* When was the last time you felt alive? Love is the most powerful gift, lesson, emotion, feeling and word in the world infact in the whole of infinity and time.

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What’s standing in our way of having our life flow on all levels? We have tremendous power—the power of our words and emotions. It’s our hearts that give the power to our thoughts. Is there conflict between our hearts and our thoughts? What do we keep in our heart? Have we examined it? And are we aware of what resides there?

Love is always the answer. What keeps us from filling our hearts with love? Why don’t we just stuff our heart with love and allow this endless well we have within to flow freely? I believe it’s because we haven’t cleaned out the hurt and anger and shame and guilt. Either we haven’t owned these emotions, or they’re so repressed we don’t know they’re there or we feel justified in keeping them.

We need to practice, practice, practice monitoring our thoughts and feelings. We cannot let discord go out from us, for it will only come back to us sooner or later.

Try these affiramtions: I am a divine, magnificent, expression of Life. I express all this and more. For I am an unlimited being, forever unfolding. And I rejoice that this is so. All is well in my world now and forevermore.

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Louise L Hay

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by Prem Raja Baba

What comes to mind immediately is a gold prospector who spends his whole life searching the mountains for that illusive and rare commodity and never really striking it rich. This is what people have been doing for thousands of years in their search for unconditional love. Maybe the search goes on simply because we have been searching in the wrong place.

After years of prospecting, I found that illusive commodity, unconditional love, within myself. Once I found it, it wasn't easy to keep as it was as illusive within me as it was when I searched the world for it. Why, even when I found it, was it so difficult to hold on to?

Valentine's day has just past and it was then when I realized that our society is constructed to support conditional love and co-dependence. We are taught to look for love from others and give others our love. "I love you, do you love me?" This is not a natural practice as we are born loving ourselves unconditionally. That is why babies are so wonderful to hold and be around. That is why they are such a bundle of joy. It is only when they are old enough to be taught NOT to love themselves unconditionally that they lose that magic and joy. That was when we lost our magic and joy.

Parents, in their belief (that has been handed down for thousands of years and never has worked) that we, as children had to be controlled to be protected. And that was the way they controlled us, through judgment, punishment and reward. So, parents showed their love and approval when we were good or right and withdrew their love when we were wrong or bad. This taught us how to love ourselves conditionally. So, we abandoned our practice of loving ourselves unconditionally and began sourcing our parents for conditional love the way they taught us. All we read, heard and watched told us that loving ourselves unconditionally was not an acceptable practice. Actually, it was frowned upon and when we attempted it, we were attacked, sometimes verbally and sometimes passive aggressively by being rejected by our peers and loved ones. Sometimes it was telepathic messages and energies that we experienced.

This created an addiction. Yes, conditional love is an addiction and that is why it is so difficult to stop it. Addictions are actually compulsions. Our subconscious has been programmed by our parents, teachers, peers and society that anytime we are wrong or bad, we are in a life threatening experience. Any time our subconscious defense system(which I call the Ego defense system) believes our life is threatened, it compulsively does whatever is necessary to preserve our lives.

We(our subconscious) learned this when we were young, either through direct experience or by telepathy from our peers. The hundredth monkey effect can go both ways and when enough children were beaten by their parents, all children in that society became afraid and adopted the same defense systems.

As children, our parents were literal giants. In comparison to us today, they would be like 18 foot tall giants weighing 800 pounds. If a giant shouted at you and grabbed you and shook you and hit you, even with their hands, we would think: "I am going to die", and "Unless I please this giant, I am going to die."

We learned to do what was "right" and "good" or we were punished. If we were wrong or bad, we would die. That is our belief, even if we are not consciously aware of it. Remember that the subconscious is all the thoughts and emotions we are not aware of at this time. And since loving ourselves was determined to be, by society, as wrong, we compulsively practice conditional love. This is why conditional love is an addiction.

Maybe we should create chapters of CLA, Conditional Love Anonymous as it is just as difficult for an alcoholic to stop drinking alcohol as it is for most people to stop loving themselves conditionally. For years, I had wondered why people had such resistance in practicing the Five Steps of Unconditional Love as taught in my book, The Joy Book. As simple as the steps are, people found them difficult to do. I found this due to the counter programming within the subconscious and the threat inherent within society. I left society for a year, living in the mountains, by myself for the most part, and it was much easier to practice unconditional love.

So, understanding this makes it easier to pursue unconditional love. When we find it difficult, we know it is our defense system working against us. Fear creates resistance, knowledge creates persistence. Unconditional love is not futile. Knowledge is the key to everything we seek. This is the key to unconditional love.

Just like alcoholics, we must not indulge in that which we are addicted to. This means we must stop all relationships we have that are conditional and co-dependent. We must stop loving ourselves conditionally. We must set new rules for our lives and stop associating with conditional love addicts (just as alcoholics must stop associating with other alcoholics except those on the wagon). And just like alcoholics, it may not be easy at first, especially if you go cold turkey, but it won't be anywhere as intense as withdrawing from drug or alcohol addiction. It is similar though and knowing this makes it easier to do.

It might be a benefit to create unconditional love support groups, similar to AA, except, I do not believe the 12 steps are empowering. I suggest the Five Steps of Unconditional Love as they work for me daily and work for others who have been able to overcome the mass consciousness threat.

We must source ourselves for all our unconditional love. Being a part of a support group may be difficult as we would tend to gravitate towards the love of others. If that doesn't work, the only way may be to live in total or almost total isolation until we are well anchored into sourcing ourselves for love unconditionally.

Simple practices, besides the five steps, would be to look in our eyes in a mirror many times a day and say: "(your name), I love and approve of you unconditionally!" "I am there for you always, unconditionally." You (yourself) are my only source of unconditional love." "It is safe for you to reject conditional love and love yourself unconditionally."

This form of love is not to preclude loving others. Once loving yourself unconditionally is mastered, then you can have a healthy love for others and receive from others that is not driven by compulsion or addiction. It will be healthy and enjoyable.

When you are with others. remember that you are loving yourself in their presence. They can mirror your self-love and enhance it. It is not them loving you, but reflecting your own love back to you. PEOPLE LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU LOVE YOURSELF, but they are not your love or your source of love.

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Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

I have found myself.

But its not my right to force my own beliefs on any of you. I'm only an observor a guide. This is what my beliefs are and what worked for me. What works for you could be something totally different.

there is no wrong way. We are all learning. Just in different ways and at different times. So I embrace what ever happens in my life. And say thank you.

I know this cause I love myself and i'm inlove with myself and everyone and everything that lives and breathes. I have never felt so happy in all my life that I can remember. I dont believe in anything negative anymore.

I just believe in love and light and being posertive.

What you choose to believe in becomes part of your life and world and you will attract others just like you. I believe there is no evil or nagativity in this world or this life or inside of me or anyone else that I come in contact with so now I'm attracted by others who are just like me.

I meditae every morning i do yoga and keep fit inside and out.

I have sorted out films and music cause I dont want anything influencing me to be negative in any way shape or form.

I am writing with love and light in my heart and soul and I have even made my first mediation of which I need to still develop on and find the right music to enhance its abilities.

The power of the mind is truely powerful

if only everyone used it for love and light and healing and happiness and joy and fun and kindness and caring. this world would be a better place and everyone in it would be too.

I will always try and better myself in every way I can.

I believe to judge others you are simply judging yourself

I believe *Think before you speak* really works

I believe the people we meet in our lives are mirrors of ourselves. our pasts our presents our future. We meet everyone for a reason and this reason is to learn. We learn from the old and the young.

I have learnt so much from my daughter and my dada I am truely thankful.

I dont wear braclets anymore or rings cause i feel they bound me. If I do wear a braclet then its not a full circle like the one i am wearing now that my dadda bought me. I am not bound to life and life is not bound from me so now I am free to live my life and free for life to come to me.

I'm so alive and happy and glowing that I woke up at 6am this morning with a spring in my step. I did my meditation and my yoga has some breakfast and a bath and got ready. I made up a song called *I love your soul* I made a my own meditation. And I feel fabulous :D

I also believe we create our own destany and the life we lead and live.

So if you believe you are lonely and sad then you will be.

We are the only ones who create the negativity and darkness. I believe none of this exzists.

And cause I believe this and only in love and light and happiness I will lead and live that life.

I still have alot to learn and i cant wait.

and as soon as i have learnt all there is in this life I'll go on to another.

Also we cant help others too much we can guide and give advice but how will they learn if you healp them. Infact it takes them longer to learn. They can only learn about life them selves, they can only help them selves.

I want to write a book about what i have learnt.

I love you all

please take care

and believe in yourselves and your dreams

love and light


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